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Specialized Services

Explosion Proof AC Units for Offshore Installations

We offer unique expertise in the field of ATEX and IECEX Explosion Proof Air conditioning units. We adapt original products and make them suitable for Safe use in hazardous environments where the risk of gas and/or dust explosions is present. We offer unique ATEX and IECEX engineering, testing and production capabilities to our customers, all with the aim to produce explosion safe variants of existing industrial products. We manufacture and supply a wide range of explosion safe products and are BENELUX distributor of BIMED EX cable glands.

Swimming Pool Solutions

A proper swimming pool design can be challenging in many ways. To ensure full human comfort, proper disinfectant distribution, removal of pollutants and homogeneous temperature distribution, a swimming pool CFD analysis is the most cost-effective and accurate way. By analyzing the flow field in a pool you can decrease costs of building and operating a swimming pool facility and equipment. help in maintaining a comfortable soothing temperature all round the year. These also allow maximize usage and utilization of pool. These Heat Pumps require a small amount of energy to operate the compressor and fan motor and hence effectively reduce energy bills

Cold Store

Coolwave is a well known manufacturer and supplier of a wide spectrum of Cold Storage & Refrigeration Equipment’s in brand name of CoolWave. These cold storage and Refrigeration equipment’s are ranked as the most high performing and qualitative range of products in the market. As a leading supplier of cold rooms and refrigeration plant systems customer can enjoy an international reputation established over many years. The Walk- In-Cold Room that we offer to our clients is manufactured under the supervision of our expert personnel who guide the client’s select appropriate machines for their chilling and freezing requirements.

Marine Cooling System

CoolWave Marine Cooling Systems has been manufacturing high quality marine heat exchangers and cooling systems. Our kits include everything needed to convert a raw water cooled engine to a long lasting treated water system which can be easily installed, even when a boat is in the water. Matching of heat exchangers and system kits to the exact requirements of a particular engine has been a hallmark of CoolWave Marine Cooling Systems' offerings. We can custom design to virtually any boat cooling system requirement. We also produce replacement heat exchangers for a wide range of marine engines, and several lines of general purpose exchangers.

Domestic Water Chillers

CoolWave carries a variety of water cooled chillers that suit a wide range of industries. Water cooled chillers absorb heat from process water and transfer it to a separate water source such as a cooling tower, river, pond, etc. Industrial water chillers are generally used for large capacity applications, where the heat generated by air cooled chillers creates a problem. They are also considered when a cooling tower is already in place, or where the customer requires optimum efficiency of power consumption. Water cooled chillers require condenser water treatment to eliminate mineral buildup. Mineral deposits create poor heat transfer situations, that reduce the efficiency of the unit.

Air Flow Balancing Services

Air Balancing Unit - Duct Hoods
We also specialized works with air balancing and support services. You can also rent out our air balancing unit which will be available on specific terms & conditions. This is a solution for air flow commissioning & balancing and to check air volume of your diffusers and grillers. Technical featues are : Measuring range is from 40 to 3500m3/h or from 24 to 2060 cfm, Quick and simple hood changes, Simultaneous display of air flow and temperature, Automatic detection of air flow direction (supply & exhaust), Thermo-anemo-manometer functions.

Precision Air Conditioning Units

Precision air-conditioners that guarantee safe workingconditions for data centres, computer rooms and other technological applications that require a high level of sensible heat elimination and precise temperature and humidity control. We deal with a wide range of applications where close control, high precision air conditioning is esential, including data centre cooling, medium and low density server environments, telecom switching stations, medical operating theatres and clean room environments. The features of precision AC units are: Plenum fan for large data centers applications, Inverter driven brushless DC compressor, In Row cooler for IT applications.

HVAC Control & Monitoring Systems

Coolwave Qatar provides the most modern monitoring and control systems for your HVAC Units Inorder to make your HVAC-R units more versatile and energy efficient we are introducing an innovative monitoring and control system (fully automatic and programmable) for new and current cold rooms and refredgeration units.This will help you to monitor 24/7.

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